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The "SAVE SEMMES" website was last updated back in April of 2012.  
This was after the incorporation of the City of Semmes.   
From that point on, most of the information regarding Semmes
was updated on the City's website.

I now (July 2016) feel the need to go back to our roots
- where we originally started - 
before "incorporation" became the topic of conversation
before "The City of Semmes" came into existence.  

Why did we incorporate?  
That is a very easy question to answer -- 

  • We wanted to "SAVE SEMMES" from becoming a part of the City of Mobile

  • We wanted a voice in our future.  Semmes has its own unique and individual character and charm.  We didn't want to lose that.

  • Semmes is our home - our families, our neighbors and our friends live here.  Our children go to school here.  We go to church here.

One of the most important reasons we did not want to become Mobile is we didn't want the "politicians" making decisions for us.  We didn't like "politicians" because we were just regular people.  We didn't want a government breathing down our back making laws regarding every facet of our lives.  We wanted "limited" government and freedom.

We wanted a local government that was ran in a clean and ethical manner.  
We wanted an efficient government - not one full of waste.  
We didn't want a local government that would spend every dime that was brought in or one that would mortgage us into debt.
We wanted a conservative, accountable government.
We wanted the local representatives of our City to truly love our community.

Well, we got part of our dream - one of the major players in the incorporation became our  mayor - and she truly loves our City and our Community and has our best interest at heart.
We also got a Council who is power hungry, divisive, hateful, jealous and lazy.  

We have a Council who not only cast stones, accuses and tries to condemn the only person of the group (the Mayor) who is actually working to accomplish the goals of the citizens, they are racist (even out loud during Council Meetings), discriminatory toward women (as evident in the actions of rudely interrupting and talking over the Mayor - a woman - and the one other woman on the Council - Place #4), and borderline anti-Semitic as demonstrated by comments made during a City Council Meeting.  

One Council Member can't even remember (or read from the Agenda) the name of the resolution the Council is discussing.  He has to ask several times and be reminded of the topic of discussion when it is his turn to speak.

Another Council Member is so full of hate and jealousy that he even tries to personally attack the Mayor by presenting ordinances and resolutions to fine her up to $10,000 personall for each instance of her doing her job.   Her job, by the way, is to enforce the ordinances (laws) passed by the Council.  So this one Council Member votes yes to approve a local law and then wants to penalize the Mayor $10,000 for each time she enforces the law.  

The Council Member running against the Mayor had his crony buddies (other men Council Members) present a resolution for an increase in pay for the next Council term... from $15,000 per year to $60,000 per year!   By the way, the current Mayor takes no salary from the City of Semmes.  She donates her salary back to the City.

The makeup of the Council is 4 men and 2 women (one of which is the Mayor).  
The average age of the Council is 68+ years.
The Council does not reflect nor represent the majority of the age groups and citizens of the City of Semmes.

Come to a Council Meeting - see these jokers in action.  It's popcorn time :-)


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